You Are What I Want You To Be

I wasn’t with you when you were born. I wasn’t responsible for your childhood. I met you as you started enjoying the world around you. You are, what I want you to be. I command you, now, and you are bound to obey. I am with you when you need me. But I’m also there when you wish I wasn’t. I am right to you even when I might be wrong to the world. I make your choices. I moderate your words. I give you a reason. And I make sure you believe in them.

I am the wall that keeps your emotions from deciding your actions. I am a friend of your instincts. I alone can stop you from acting even after you’ve made up your mind. I alone can make you steal when you could have just borrowed. I steer you, to where I want to go. I am your Master. I pull the strings of your life. I am your Ego.

Remember the time when that pretty girl asked you for a pen? It was I who forced you to be rude. If you feel any remorse now, I will make it fade away. I think faster than the wind. I am as swift as the tempest. I am the wall you didn’t want to have. I am the tide that doesn’t wait for the right time. Yes, I’m impatient. And so are you. Thus, are you.

They say I’m your defense, planning, control, tolerance, your judgment. But I only play with them. I’m not the one to blamed for any of them. I am your Rage. And I come to life on the slightest provocation. I am the savior, and so am I the destroyer. I am what I am. And I made you what you are. You can live without me. Life might be a lot simpler. But you can never leave me; because its my choice, and you don’t have the right to decide. I don’t give that to you.

I am you. And you are what I want you to be!


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