What People Google

Its been a while since I have been writing articles and leaving them unpublished on my blog. Drafts are piling up, yet I chose to write something new. I somehow feel that after around a month of a hiatus, I should write something that is striking. Struck I was when day after the other, I saw the stats of my blog and read what people searched. (For non-bloggers, I must tell you that WordPress allows you to see what search terms in different search engines have lead to your blog.)

The world, if I may say, is divided into two kinds of people. The people who use Google, and the people who don’t. The ratio of the former to the latter is increasing day by day but still there are a whole lot of people who prefer to ask friends on Facebook inboxes what a particular thing means. Dumb, as such people are, I wonder why it never dawns on to them that if they can use the internet to Facebook 14 hours a day, they can also use the same internet to search the meaning of a word. Or to search which actor stars in a movie. I’m sure everyone has heard of IMDb. The most irritating is the brigade of people with BBM. They can pay 400 bucks a month to get BlackBerry services installed, but they never care to know, that they can even surf the net without paying anything extra. And if you think that this post is for one of your girl-friend, then let me tell you that NO, this is not. Not all girls are that dumb. Some are dumber. Some do not even know that you can log in to Google talk too through BIS. But there are also some men who fit the above description. Thomas Gray, the Great English poet, perhaps knew this breed of youngsters and thus rightly said, Ignorance is bliss.

This is a post dedicated to what people search on Google these days. The youth! For whom Googleing has become a synonym for searching. Yes what we search, or rather, what you search.

Disclaimer: This post is based on the Site Stats showed by WordPress on my blog, i.e. the search terms that lead people to this site.

Okay. So what caught my eye at first was ‘Bhosdike’ as being a search term used at least once every week or so. Maybe it was the song, maybe it was something else, but since I had post quoting Raghu Ram (of Roadies) saying that, people landed here. I find it amusing that people search something like ‘Bhosdike,‘ and that being the only term that you put in the search box. Intriguing! Anyhow, it makes sense that people search ‘Roadies 9’ or ‘Revolution 2020’ (these being two of the most searched terms), but a term like ‘Chandigarh nude’ or searching nude pics of ex-Roadies is certainly not what I had expected to see. Funny as it may sound, but there were more people searching for nude pictures of male ex-Roadies and MTV VJ’s than female. (A little something to be noted about the female populations’ interests, I guess… :P) What was striking though was people searching ‘Raghu Ram beaten up’ or ‘Raghu Ram being abused.’ But there are also people who search the most interesting terms, like “Who the hell is Raghu to abuse people?” or “girls’ cat-fight at roadies audition in Chandigarh.
Its been almost 4 months since ‘An open letter to a Delhi Boy by a Madrasan‘ happened and it still features as one of the most searched subjects. Either the letter or the reply I wrote, but it clearly became one of the most talked about cyber-incident of recent times.
Another search term that caught my eye was ‘Who is sherlock holmes’ room-mate and side-kick’. Not an apt description for Dr. Watson I guess, but Jude Law, better luck in the future I’d say.

I’ve suddenly run out of things to write and I think its about time to wrap up. When I read the above I find an article that only Zach Galifianakis would enjoy, but then I’m not the one to be blamed. His sense of humor it seems has rotten mine too. When you type ‘how to’ in the Google search box, it suggests you to search ‘how to get pregnant,’ dear Mr. Google, believe me, that’s not a problem Indians face. We have been the biggest contributors in the evolution of mankind and we’re proud of it. (I think)
That’s enough, I guess, for a comeback post… Coming-up next Review of the film Warrior starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Till then… Adios Amigos!

4 thoughts on “What People Google

  1. I used to run a website where people posted their real life stories! Guess what and how someone landed?

    *sachin tendulkar raped his daughter* :-/

    Who on earth can think this dirty? WHO?

    I had few posts mentioning rape, daughter, obviously in different contexts and thus s/he landed.

    That website is shutdown now. And blogger gives all the search details through google analytics and otherwise too!

  2. This’s awkward if I were Sachin Tendulkar. It is his frickin’ daughter. Anyhow, this shows up what human mind is capable of thinking. LOL
    People with different expertise access internet, ironically we have more incest expertise.

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