“Hope is a good thing, its probably the best thing that man has”- Shawshank Redemption

Hope is not a virtue, it is a necessity
Hope is not a pavement, it is a journey
Hope is in the flickering light of a dying candle
Hope is in the folded hands of a praying mother
Hope is in the sweaty brow of a soldier
Hope is in the resolve of a father seeing off his daughter
Hope is even in the eyes that cannot see, the hands that cannot write, the lips that cannot smile, the tears that may not dry…

Hope is pretty much the only thing that we are clinging to in the times that we live in. Once upon a time, a man resolved to leave the world better than he had found it, today, it is a distant dream. Unthinkable, unimaginable, unrealistic… unless, we want it not to be so. Choosing pieces over peace, wrath over wreath and death over breath is an epidemic that is haunting us since long. Be it the environment, business, economy, politics or something as private as a personal relationship, the ability to pass a litmus test has been lost. Happy was the time when there was no electricity. The only fear of ‘warming’, was the water boiling on a stove and not global warming. Blessed was time when we slept every night setting up the alarm to wake up to a better tomorrow. Hoping against hope that team India will play well down under. Hope, is all I got, hope, is all I got!!

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