Product Review: Tzinga

It’s 45 degrees outside and the sun in Delhi looks much like Lucifer at this time of the year. I can feel my skin melting and my hair charring at times when I go to the market or even accidentally step into the balcony while chatting on the phone. Sodas, juices, squashes, even pannas, sharbats and lassis have always been a hit with the moms and the grand-moms. As much as people of my generation would like to have an energy drink in such a situation, but one cannot ignore the hole it burns in the pocket while protecting heat strokes.

Such was the thought that stimulated the birth of Hector Beverages. In the age of the one-lac-car, we Indians can do anything at a low cost. No they’re not buying it from China, but Hector Beverages has come up with an ultra-low cost energy drink called Tzinga. Tzinga, which is available currently in Delhi/NCR and a few selected states, had made it to my dictionary when I attended a star night sponsored by Tzinga at a college in Delhi. But it made to my stomach and my heart when I was asked by Hector Beverages to review the product.

The Drink:



Tzinga, which is available in 3 flavors, is probably India’s cheapest energy drink. It’s name and it’s unique packaging is something that you’ll definitely not miss passing by in a superstore. Currently, Tzinga is available in 3 flavors, Tropical Trip, Mango Strawberry and Lemon Mint (in order of my personal preference). The drink contains Natural flavors, is non carbonated, contains less of caffeine and more of a herb named ‘guarana‘ which performs the same function as caffeine but without the side effects (sorry Nescafe). Tzinga also contains ginseng, ‘original ginseng’ as the website as well as the back cover of the drink says.

The Analysis (Why Buy):

  • On a per 100 ml basis, Tzinga gives you more energy than even Redbull (and that too at 1/4th the price), so obviously that’s great.
  • All three flavors individually taste great.
  • Costs just Rs. 20 and is available at most super stores.
  • The packaging is interesting. Brings the cost of the product down and is good to look at.
  • Contains natural flavors, herbs and ginseng.
  • No fizz. No fat.
  • It’s an Indian Energy Drink.

Tzinga, at my Local Big Bazaar store

The Verdict:

As Tzinga claims, it does gives a 5 hour kick. (I had a 200 ml pack before starting this post and I’m wide awake.) It’s tasty, it looks good and what more do you expect from a drink that just costs 20 bucks! I liked it so much that I would suggest you to replace the daily tetra pack of juice with a Tzinga.
Highly recommended, especially for people during exam days. Do try it for yourself to know more.

Rating: 4/5

Diclaimer: Not recommended for those who want to get to bed early or to whom the doctors have forbidden it!

Satyamev Jayate

Satyamev Jayate- Aamir Khan

It’s not usual that I take out time just a couple of days before my end semester exams to write a blog-post, but then some things in life can just not be ignored. Some people and the things they do are much too important and they deserve a mention. If you might still be thinking who I am talking talking about, then let me tell you, it’s none other than Aamir Khan. The second episode of Satamev Jayate, Aamir Khan‘s new talk show, just concluded and I must say ‘hat’s off’ is an expression that is so not enough to celebrate the halo that surrounds Aamir Khan.

Welcome to television in India. The most rotten form of mass media. Social responsibility of a medium as powerful as TV was being molested by the Star Pluses and the Sonys, the Ekta Kapoors and the Ronit Roys when suddenly one fine Sunday morning, the stars shine down and the same Star Plus that stabbed the minds of many a million Indians by starting the trend of the never ending Saas-Bahu soap sagas airs Satyamev Jayate, created by Aamir Khan. What was in it for the broadcasters was definitely the money associated with airing ‘Aamir Khan’ every Sunday morning, but was in it for us is what deserves an applause. By far, Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate is one of the very very few sensible things on tube that takes away or may just eases a little burden of being called an Idiot Box from the 40 inch shoulders of my LCD screen. Aamir Khan truly understands the meaning of social responsibility and and finally here we have a show that talks about the social evils of our society and brings us forward the first hand experiences of its victims. Simultaneously aired on all Star TV channels, for the first time, Aamir makes sure to catch the attention of every couch potato zapping the remote.

Aamir treats the subject of social abuses and atrocities with utmost seriousness, gives them the required incubation period for the viewer to fathom its depth and makes the victims comfortable by sharing their pains. Satyamev Jayate is not a TV show, it’s a movement in itself. With Female Foeticide as it’s subject in its first episode and Child Sex Abuse as the subject in the second episode that aired today, Aamir uses the most widely used mass medium, a TV set which has its reaches right from he slums of Dharavi to the rain forests in Cherapoonji and a language that everyone understands, everyone speaks. Call him the Oprah Winfrey of India or the Matt Damon but Aamir uses his star status in the best way he possibly could have. He does not compare your intellectuals with a ‘paanchvi paas’ student, nor does he endorse a game of shadows in a house commanded by a terrifying voice, Aamir personifies what Peter Parker’s uncle told him, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” It is a show for the masses, much better than watching a star grunt his way out of a video-game, much better than watching primer league games on TV. Satyamev Jayate has a reach that made my pro-gamer friends in H Hostel watch it, that made the TV in my hostel switch for the first time from anything except sports to Star Plus, that made #femalefoeticide, #childsexabuse and #AamirKhan trend on Twitter but most importantly, it made India think. It made India skip a heartbeat. It touched a paining nerve, a nerve that should be touched, wriggled and ostracized from the body.

Let’s all draw our sword from our scabbards and continue the fight that Aamir Khan is starting. For once, let’s all hail the guy who is not only the reigning superstar of Bollywood who tries to achieve perfection in the films he makes, but also dares to debut as a director with Taare Zameen Par and now on TV with Satyamev Jayate! And I would not disagree with Somik Sen (@bangdu on Twitter) when he says “Aamir Khan has single-handedly affected the business of all-you-can-eat-and-drink Sunday brunches.”

Kudos to you Aamir!