Open Letter to the Mayans by an Unknown Indian

Dear Mayans,

According to a prediction by one of you, it was supposed to be doomsday today. Even my half-witted ex-roommate knows that. The Mayan calender has ended and somehow the world hasn’t been interested in the rumors that were doing the rounds. Delhi has been very obedient though, and from what I gather, a small tremor of an earthquake was also felt somewhere yesterday. Or maybe it was just a fat boy running on the floor above the guy who tweeted that. I hardly care. I would have been happy. Very happy. In fact, every person in India would be happy if the world would have ended today.  Not only is the Indian cricket team at its worst right now and the captain has finally run out of his days of luck, but with the recent gung-ho about the Delhi gang rape, all Indians are be ashamed. What I’m doing right now is cowardice. Sitting at home, writing a blogpost. I’ve read many in the past few days. I’m fed up reading tweets, Facebook status updates, changing display pictures on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter and all the debates in the news about hanging the culprits.

The rape happened in Delhi, which is a big city, and thus got reported so widely and spurred a national movement. Many such incidents happen in many small cities and go unnoticed, unreported too. We may conduct rallies, light candles and debate and discuss this insolent and heinous act but what good will come out of it, I wonder. Punishing the culprits this time, demanding a death sentence may help create fear in the minds of others, but will a person in a state of inebriety be able to remember the law? Or the punishment that he may suffer if he is caught? Definitely no. Then what is the reason, I wonder, why such acts happen? And what may the solution be? A couple of days ago, I read someone saying that we are the ‘Porn downloading‘ generation and we have no right to comment on anything. He’s partly right, I believe. We are that generation where libido levels are at an all time high. But has anyone really though why such incidents happen. Why our women are raped? The reason is simple. We live in a sexually starved society with a very poor sex ratio. The word sex is not uttered at our homes. Nor is sexy. A “Fuck it” wallpaper on a phone is looked upon as if the kid just committed mass murder. Cigarette smoking and ‘foul language‘ is censored on-screen. To protect the kids? From what? What if the father of a kid smokes? I’m sure you can’t have a day complete when you step out of your house and don’t hear people using words like ‘bhenchod‘ or ‘chutiya.’ Kids in school learn it from their friends and all the Govt. ends up doing by enforcing these hollow laws is prevent exposure.

Exposure is healthy; it teaches kids how to adjust. And the lack of sex education is one reason for the dismal state of affairs that exist today. Pre-marital sex is still considered a sin and women are objectified. Yes. This lack of sexual exposure makes men excessively lustful and desperate and it is when they lose control of their minds that they commit such an act as a Rape. I’m very sure that a rapist must have desisted his urge to force himself upon a woman on several occasions before he committed the crime. Then what is the possible solution? Will hanging of one culprit make sure that the rest of the people are always in their right minds? Will having women cabbies solve the problem? Not every woman who roams the streets at night can afford to take a cab everyday. And what if a group of physically superior men stop the cab and impose themselves on the cabbie and passenger? The problem is not in the women, how they carry themselves or how they dress up. It’s their life, it should be their wish. The problem is with the men. If the problem is having sex, then I suggest in a country like India, prostitution should be legalised. I know, I may sound crazy and there are many other factors why it is wrong, but the sexually starved land of Kamasutra is putting itself to shame with each passing day.

Our generation is angry but our anger is not channelised properly. Making a black dot as our profile picture won’t help. Educating our kids would. Changing ourselves would. Making our society sexually liberated would. We should have more of Sunny Leone’s and more of Dostana-like films. Thanks to these, and the press coverage that they garnered, words like ‘Porn‘ and ‘Gay‘ have found their ways into household dictionaries. I’m not saying don’t punish the culprits this time. Give them the strictest punishments; make an example out of them. But make sure that the people of this country are not raised in an environment where something as trivial as lust makes a beast out of a human.

I was so looking forward to ending this national shame that I was almost happy that should the world end today, my female friends across the countries would safely die. But it seems that even you could not deliver to your promises. Shame on you Mayans. Please predict the end of the world more appropriately the next time.

Hoping for a better tomorrow,
An unknown Indian

9 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Mayans by an Unknown Indian

  1. Honestly speaking, when this whole incident happened, one of my conclusions was something similar too. If only sex was not such a taboo in our society, this country would have a lot less desperate/sex-starving people. Of course this is not the only solution but sure is one of the reasons that contribute to such happenings.
    I second you! Am glad you didn’t hesitate to type this out!

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