My Movies

A New Beginning

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project, Delhi.
Assigned Elements:
Character: Jagan Lal Khurana, Businessman
Prop: Passport
Dialog: There must be another side to the story. (Is kahani ka dusra pehlu bhi hona chahiye)

Godse: Assassin?
This film covers the seven days of Nathuram Godse’s life prior to his killing Mahatma Gandhi. This movie does not justify the assassination. It simply tries to find some insight into the words and ideologies of both Nathuram Godse and Mahatma Gandhi.

Inspired from Nathuram Godse’s self-prepared defense in court.

Direction – Prabhdeep Singh
Cinematography – Anubhav Saxena
Starring – Sourav Bangotra, Aman Aggarwal
Original Score – Utkarsh Prabhat

A distraught husband repents the evil he has done all his life. His sub-conscience wants him to kill himself. Will his wife forgive him? Or does she have a plan of her own?

Direction, Cinematography and Editing: Tarnjot Singh
Starring: Aman Aggarwal, Ashish Sharma and Geetinder Punia


A short-film based on the story “War” by Luigi Pirandello.
The story has been modified to suit the Indian scenario better.
The story is set during the Kargil war. A group of strangers meet in the waiting room at a bus stand. A discussion follows.

Cast: Aman Aggarwal, Annapoorna Virdi, Ashish Sharma, Aditya Sharma, Bhuvnesh Verma

Writer-Directors: Prabhdeep Singh, Aman Aggarwal

Life lies in the drama around it. Entropy is a satire on the human need for drama.

Written and Directed by Rishav Rastogi
Assistance in Direction: Aman Aggarwal
Cinematography: Prabhdeep Singh
Editing: Vikrant Gupta, Lochin Baweja
Sound Editing: Rishav Rastogi
Marketing: Rakind Gupta

Entropy (21 minutes) from Rishav Rastogi on Vimeo.

The Date
A short film shot and completed in 48 hours as a part of the 48 hour Film Project.

The Date – Cellar Door Productions from Rishav Rastogi on Vimeo.

No Smoking (Advertisement)
An anti-smoking campaign advertisement by students of Thapar University, Patiala.

Directed by: Aman Aggarwal
Starring: Utkarsh Prabhat, Vidit Agarwal, Amarpreet Singh

4 thoughts on “My Movies

  1. I watched the Bipolar video, I found it pretty interesting 🙂
    It would be totally awesome if it was in hindi/urdu
    Btw is the husband bipolar or schizophrenic?
    Do let me know.
    Good job

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