Roadies 9

Getting There!

Being an eternally lazy couch potato, I had always imagined, while zapping the idiot box whether I would ever make it to Roadies. If yes, would I even be able to answer Raghu and Rajiv’s questions? Would I get past the auditions? How would it be like to know someone whose questions Raghu and Rajiv answer!! Well as they say every dog has a day, and so did I. I did get a chance to have an interview with Raghu and Rajiv… but the tables were turned. I was the one asking them the questions!

It was on a Saturday afternoon and I was at home; bored after having given my exams, tired of awaiting a horrible result yet again and having nothing interesting to do in life when I read a mail from saying that they had recently associated themselves with MTV and they were looking for bloggers to attend the Roadies auditions and catch all the backstage madness and beyond. Disregarding such a mail as ‘for those who are professionals’, I deleted the mail and switched tabs to watching Lord of the Rings. What can I say! I did the right thing but malignant fate beguiled and my mom, as usual, treating me as an errand boy, broke my concentration yet again and I was set out in the Delhi heat to find 12 assorted items. None of which I could spell correctly in English or Hindi, but knowing fully well that they must be brought in order to have a lavish dinner, I hit the road, when I spotted a poster of MTV Roadies Auditions to be held in Delhi.

After returning home, I opened my trash box and though what the heck… let’s do this. Just have to fill a form, that’s it. As it turned out, 3 days later, I get an email from Blogadda saying that I had been shortlisted to attend the Chandigarh Auditions of Roadies 9 and if I’m selected I’ll receive a call from MTV. They also asked me to get my blogger friends, if any. Well to be honest, at first I didn’t want to tag anyone along with me so that I have the whole thunder of being at the Roadies auditions and back, but poverty hit me hard in my face as I realized I don’t even have a camera to take pictures. Dejected I sat surfing the internet when I chanced upon a couple of Sardar jokes (no offense intended! Sheran di kaum Punjabi!! Burrah) and yes, there is only one man alive who comes to mind whenever I think of them, Prabhdeep Singh! Harry as we like to call him, I ran to his room, thinking what a combination he is, a blogger, owns a good camera and the only person alive who can beat me if challenged at proving his worth at being idle in life. To fast forward a little bit, I woke him up in the middle of the night, told him about the whole thing and two days later I get a call from Harry that a lady from MTV called and she wants him to call her back; and he’s gonna make the call in 10 mins.

Wait! Didn’t I refer him? Wasn’t he supposed to be on my team? Why didn’t I get the call? I should have just borrowed his camera. Damn!!

To cut a long story short, I did get the call a little later and did get to be there at the Chandigarh Auditions and witness the madness and excitement first hand.

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