Raghu Ram says: I don’t always abuse bhosdike!

This is probably going to be the most interesting posts of all time. I got a chance to interview Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman at the Roadies 9 Chandigarh Auditions. It was one of the most interesting half hours I ever spent. Of course, you don’t get a chance to interview Raghu and Rajiv everyday and not poke Raghu deliberately, to get abused, just so that you have interesting material to write about in your blog. But of course, life puts you in a more comfortable position when you have a press card hanging around your neck and are quite sure that Raghu has to think twice before he speaks anything! (\m/)

Anyway, here’s the whole interview that I had with Raghu, or if I may say, a censored version of it.

DISCLAIMER: The following content may have some adult language, though I tried hard not to write any. If you get offended by the use of such language, then Frankly Speaking, I don’t give a damn. Only read if you wish to, else there’s always the close button.

Q. Roadies has been running successfully for 10 years now, how do you see that the youth has changed over the years? And how have you people changed?
Raghu: The youth of today are more driven. They are more motivated today, more clear about what they want and not. I was more chilled back then. There was a lot less pressure on us.
Rajiv: We wouldn’t have met a group of Bloggers like you back the.

Q. What are you exactly looking for in a Roadie this year?
Raghu: We meet many interesting characters every year. Just meeting them is fun enough. This year, I would say we’re looking for passion, not only for being a Roadie, but for anything in life.

Q. What have you learned from Roadies in 10 years?
Raghu: We put in our heart and soul into Roadies each year. I’ve just learned and seen one thing, hard-work pays, and that’s it! If you’re given a nail & a hammer and you keep chiseling for a long time, you’re bound to get a diamond. We just think about one year at a time, never worry about the TRP’s. They’re a secondary issue.

Q. How did the idea of Roadies come along?
Raghu: MTV hires psychos. They hire mad. MTV is made of personalities. They look for people who can do something crazy. Fortunately I was one of those. There was a Cyrus before Cyrus Broacha too. He was the brain behind Bakra, he was crazier. Everyone you see on MTV is mad in some way or the other.

Q. Just yesterday I saw you in a promo for WTF. What’s that all about?
Raghu: That is just something to show everyone what kids feel about what is going on around them. I think the youth of today is mature enough. Yet, they’re not given their due. If they can drive at 18, chose the fucking Govt. by voting at 18, can marry, divorce and remarry, then why can’t they fucking drink before 25? Either totally ban consumption of alcohol, or don’t make ridiculous rules.

Q. How do manage to keep yourself fit? We’ve seen you look fitter every year…
Raghu: Fit? I’m not fit. I’ve never felt worse in my life. I’m an insomniac, in fact not insomniac exactly, I’m sleep deprived. I work for 20 hours a day. I hardly rest. Fitness I feel is not about climbing mountains or going to gyms, it’s about eating healthy, feeling healthy.

Q. People consider you a youth icon. What change would you like to bring when you have the power to do so?
Raghu: Bring changes? Are you suggesting I join politics? (laughs) I don’t think I can change anything and neither do I think I am a youth icon or something.

Q. Then who do you think is a youth icon today?
Raghu: Anna Hazare, Aamir Khan and Sachin Tendulkar.

Q. What is your take on the new breed of politicians, like Rahul Gandhi?
Raghu: There are both kinds of politicians. Old politicians need to retire, agreed. But I don’t stand by Rahul Gandhi too. Had he opposed his party and stood for Anna Hazare, he would have been correct, but I don’t stand by his view-point as of now.

Q. But don’t you think the Anna Hazare went too far by holding the Govt. on ransom in order get his whims to be obeyed?
Raghu: Too far? I’ll tell what is going too far politics of hate, mob violence, communal riots. A peaceful protest is not going too far.
Rajiv: When do you draw the line between holding the Govt. on ransom and putting up with a wounded Govt. I think its high time someone held the Govt. at ransom and asked the questions that they should have answered way back.

Q. What do you think about people like Rahul Mehra, who are also standing up for issues but are not getting noticed as much?
Raghu: I wouldn’t say much. A lot of people do things, get laws passed but law makers are targeted often after getting laws passed. That is an even bigger problem.

Q. You have an image that most people fear you. Who Raghu and Rajiv fear?
Raghu: I don’t fear anyone. There are people who we respect, but I don’t think we fear anyone, c’mon, koi kha thodi jaega yaar. (No one’s gonna eat you as such.)

Q. There is one image of yours, that on TV, that of an angry abusing….
Raghu: (Snaps in between, doesn’t let me complete) See… Again… I don’t always abuse, bhosdike! (laughs) Please continue. :P
Q. There is one image of yours, that on TV, of an angry, abusing sort of guy, on the other hand you play very different characters in films, where’s the real you?
Raghu: In films, I play characters, I act, Both Omar Sheikh in Jhootha Hi Sahi and the Johri brothers in Tees Maar Khan, we act and that’s that. Here, sitting in front of you is the real me.

Q. And what is Raghu’s character in real life?
Raghu: I’m characterless. (with a laugh)

Q. Final words sir… Describe Roadies in one word?
Raghu: Passion.

Q. And in one line…
Raghu: More than just a TV show.

The Team of Bloggers with Raghu Ram

39 thoughts on “Raghu Ram says: I don’t always abuse bhosdike!

  1. i am very unhappy with the abusive language you have used here. Ok I’m going to take a bath 5-6 times to cleanse myself of all the filth.. Bye..

  2. For last 1yrs i am watching Roadies.Every body cretisise Raghu,so i realy want to know ,why he use bad words.After watching very minutely,i found that he is doing the right thing.The new generation is very adament,so to bring them on proper path,we have to insult them.I am running two private collages for last 15yrs.I have notice that the new generation is blackmailing there parents to get the things,which they want.They realy didn’t thing about ther family,wheather they are realy capable to buy that thing.My age is 39.I am a self made person.You can say 0 to hero.For me family is my first preferance.I ahve a younger sister,so i belive that if i use bad language or any bad remarks to any lady,then if some one tesse my sister,and i will b help less,becm I have no right to defence my sister,as i am also from there community.So i always respect women,if i don’t then i am insulting my mother,as she is also a lady.I have a huge respect for Raghu.I lake him,i will be lucky if i got a chance to have a talk with him.Hope in my life i will get a chance to talk with him.
    Anindya Dasgupta(Secatary of “The Sumana Foundation”. And Director of ” TSRDAM , SIHM”
    Ph:(m)9331986702 , 9836320828

    • @ Anindya Dasgupta Sir
      I do respect raghu but seriously dislike his abusing language,…and i know todays generation is adament, but bina galidiye bhi sudhara ja sakta hain….
      I am a professional network marketer, i use to meet a lot of people in a day

    • @ Anindya Dasgupta Sir
      I do respect raghu but seriously dislike his abusing language,…and i know todays generation is adament, but bina galidiye bhi sudhara ja sakta hain….
      I am a network marketer, i use to meet a lot of people in a day

    • (SORRY FOR MY BAD LANG but ….) shame on you mam !!!
      u know when you will get a chance….u will be called
      ” rodies me apki age ka koi kam nahi hai” yaha bs hot girls boys ka kaam hai……..achcha fir b zara hath upr karo, ek dance kro, ye wig pehno, kya hoga if 4 boys including ur hubby would like…………in bed. will you allow him to do so?? kitne bf the shadi se pehle in this way u will also be abused by him. This show is destroying the culture of our country.
      Learn good things from indian idol, saregamapa, india got talent, DID. how good they are… awesome. and they’re searching real talent.
      I am realy disappointed by ur comment like u like him and wanna meet him. Shame on you !!!

  3. I m 15
    fter 18 i ll definetly go for roadies audition.
    Roadies iz d bst reality show it proves us how much smart,tough,intelligent we are !

  4. I read this but nothing u quit in ur self in ur life in ur family ur thinking but u all see diff thing like u know ur nice like humn being but diff styel i hop meet u and see me 9803552548

  5. raghu :-
    in roadies 9 th auditions
    khusboo… Cmu wid tom boy hair style
    thn u said her every tom boy style gal/boy show uni sexuality…
    It rlly hurts sum guys …
    Hrr tom boy style gal.. Lessbian nii hoti

  6. It was funny to see Raghu supporting social causes.The foul language used by him and his crew and contestants are very explicit and dirty.This kind of brash, bratty culture is what is responsible for rapes in the society and especially Delhi.You can see many potential Delhi rapist behave in exactly this same manner.

    • You are terribly wrong, my friend. Usage of language has got nothing to do with the behaviour of a person. I have personally met Raghu and Rajiv and I find them to be very sensible level headed people. What they project on camera has got nothing to do with the attitude of people who rape. It comes down to belief, at the end of the day and that is where the rapists are lacking.

  7. I am surprised.. someone who uses abuses day in and day out is sane.. It gets internalized.. No amount of defence will make it right.. But there is a huge population out there who watch that show and idolize him and that makes the program click, no complaints.. But for god sake dont defend his abusive behavior.. He sure sounds like a creep.

  8. Hi…raghu sir is great…… His life style so nomal …
    But he is so intelligent n smart…….
    Raghu sir k naam lene k age 3 baar apna ears ko touch karte hain hum…..keu ki sir k naam lene ki
    Hasiyet nahi hai kisi may….take care sir love you

  9. hey raghu i know that u r a gem of a person thats wat ur face expresses.. Ap kitna b abuse kar do kisi ko but u r the best guide in the world.. Meri ek qhawish hai k ek bar life me apse mulakat ho..that wud b my adventerous moment ever.. Aisa lagta hai meri life ki jitni b probs hai unko apse acha advice ni de skta..bcoz u r a person for whom dreams do matters in place of jst a monetary satisfaction..if u realy read this msg so plz meri tammanna zarur puri kijiyega if u hav sum time in ur busy life.. My heart want to tel every single feeling wid u.. And every1 knows thats u are awesum in reading minds.. Wish me luck..

  10. Hey dear raghu. This is ur one of the biggest admirers in the world SWARNIKA:) do u know why i admire u just bcoz u are a person for whome dreams matters in place of jst monetary satisfaction.. Meri ek qhaawish hai k ap se ek mulakat zarur ho meri and that wud b mine adventerous moments ever.. Aisa lagta hai ap meri har baat samjhoge afterall u r the best guide in the world.apse better koi ho hi ni skta jo meri prob k liye advise kare..apse har bat share karne ko dik karta kyu ki ap un baatoan ko waise hi samjhoge jaisi wo actualy me hai..I know that u r a man of word.. Apse bohat kuch sikha hai maine..ap believe ni karege that apka bola hua ek ek sentence mere liye golden words ho jate hai life ko deal karne k liye…meri tammanna zarur puri karna plz ap..and from my side i wil do every posible efforts to meet u within my limits… Wish me luck..

    • watch roading episodes please. swarnika u r gud in ur views. but u know how disgusting the show is. You will see boys looking at girls. Girls wearning skirts. touching, seducing, embarassing…. This is realy bad. The show is worst. You will learn nothing. Some things are in life like u should learn them by urself. bad wish. But all the best. May he also abuse you like he do with everyone. Good luck. EXIT

    • Your comment makes me wonder if you’re really starstruck or it was a really sarcastic insult? Because “apke words golden”…? Seriously?

  11. raghu is a bald motherfucker, he’s a fucking punk faggot who sucks ranvijay’s dick for breakfast, mtv roadies is the dumbest,most pointless show ever to hit the tv, raghu produces this punk piece of shit to satisfy his ego….fuck u dumb motherfuckers who find this brainless piece of junk cool

  12. to those of you who hail raghu as a feminist hero i ask you….did this bald fuck have the same outspoken attitude before roadies happened??….fucking punk’s ass got swollen seeing the response to first few seasons so he began promoting himself as this misogamist,women loving person…..actually his entire philosophy of life can be summed up in a single line ,”whoever you are,i am cooler than you”

    • Misogamist means a marriage hater. Even if you meant Misogynist it would be wrong cause it means that he hates women. It doesn’t matter what reason someone has for doing a right thing. The only thing that should matter is that he is on the right path and has the right views. What he is right now, is already much cooler than what you are; seeing as you are just sitting behind a computer screen and hating on people because you think ‘he just wants to seem cooler than me. But he isn’t cooler than me’. If whining about people doing something great because of wrong reasons is the best that you can give the society then no one will ever give rat’s ass about you in your life.

  13. I genuinely respect raghu sir! aise bande ko mai salute deta hun Jo apne aap ko ganda project karke dusro ko himmat aur akal deta hai. Apne aap ko aise project karna koi aasam kaam nahi hai. Thank u raghu sir,rajeev sir and ranvijay sir! Keep rocking this says:

    There Is No One Like raghu sir! i genuinly respect you sir. there is no one like u who can project like u.thank u sir.

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  15.  Rahu Brother you write a book and mention you have pass out from New Delhi but Wikipedia mention you Passout form School in Landour, Uttarakhand with his brother. What is the Truth….???

  16. Raghu Brother you write a book and mention you have pass out from New Delhi but Wikipedia mention you Passout form School in Landour, Uttarakhand with his brother. What is the Truth….???

  17. Hi raghu sir,, roadies chor k bohot achha kiya app ne kavitoh appne appko vi time diya karo sir….pura life roadies k liye laga diya appne…….hum toh dekhte hain or sochte hain ……..!!!
    Kuch time family ko vi diya karo hasi masti kiya karo or time nikal k family planing vi kijiye sir…..
    Maa ka umrh ho chuka bohot abb app ko vi kuch sochna chahiye -sugandha mam…..ko pronam dijiyega…….or ache se rehiyega …..sarir ka vi dhan dijiyega……..love you bye …

  18. I really think there’s nothing more to Roadies than filthy entertainment. Agreed, most of us do abuse on a regular basis but are these so-called youth icons here to introduce new ‘gaalis’ or braodcast violence and animosity?
    And what kind of passion is this guy exactly talking about? They should focus on something that will help the society. Beating the contestants with wooden sticks in the groins, forcing them to receive enemas for no apparent reason(other than their own sadistic purposes ofcourse) and challenging them to strip in front of the nation is their definition of passion. The passion to torture your own species is the passion they are so enthusiastic about.
    Indian youth really needs to stop focusing on the activities of dipshits like these and sort their priorities out. Boys and girls, go watch satyamev jayate and find out about the country’s issues for a change. FYI this rant is coming from a 17 year old girl.

  19. Nice interview yar now a days kids r also watching roadies now the judges in the roadies r too violent… Do u think it will effect the next future generation??

  20. The ideology of the show “Be yourself” is good and through the process of the interview it brings out the real you which you would have never realized till the time you came here….while that’s on the positive side,there is too much of abuse going on and rude behavior too and some of the tasks in the show are very painstaking and embracing too….But what I like about Raghu is this man really beats the shit out of you gutsy man really he just doesn’t care man….

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